Issue 171 – Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Newsletter

From The President

It was such a joy to see everyone at the 2021 CAPPA conference! Remember our theme as you continue through your academic year… “Resilience, Connect, Inspire.” The conference was all about connecting with our peers, inspiring each other in new ways, and uniting in our efforts to resolve issues.

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Valued Business Partners

The in-person 2021 CAPPA Conference held October 10-12 in Tulsa, Oklahoma was honored to welcome old and new Business Partners from the following companies or corporations that provide valued resources, services, training and information to CAPPA members:

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Resilience Empowered by On-Site Generation

Extreme weather events coupled with increasing electric and thermal demands have exposed vulnerabilities in the existing infrastructure. The result has been major utility failures and interruptions that can have a detrimental impact on many facilities. The importance of evaluating and improving resilience and redundancy at your facility is critical. One

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JOC (Job Order Contracting), an Efficient Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Method to Quickly and Efficiently Get Your Facilities COVID Ready

In the last few years, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has emerged as an accepted delivery method along with Design/Build, CM, CM@R and of course, Job Order Contracting. Several organizations collaborated together and published a white paper titled “Integrated Project Delivery for Public and Private Owners.” The paper was authored by

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APPA’s Healthy, Smart Building Framework

It is for this reason that APPA Board has decided to make Healthy, Smart Buildings a key initiative. At present, a small group of industry experts are leading the charge to develop a self-assessment, decision-making framework for healthy buildings with investment in smart technologies across a campus or real estate

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2021 CAPPA CONFERENCE, Tulsa, OK—Attendees and Business Partners

As is tradition, CAPPA Conference attendees and Business Partners for a group photo on the last day of the conference held October 10-12, 2021. Photographer Miles Abernathy had to climb atop a ladder to get this shot, but it is always a welcome challenge to capture this moment. Thank you,

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