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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall appoint the Awards, Business Partner Liaison, Professional Development, Information Services, Finance, and the Membership Committee members within thirty days following the Annual Meeting; and recommend representatives from CAPPA, to serve one-year terms on the APPA Permanent and Standing Committees (currently they are the Professional Development, Information & Research, Professional Affairs, Awards and Recognition, and Membership), to the APPA President-Elect. In no case may the CAPPA representatives serve more than three consecutive years on the same APPA committee.

Chairperson: Sheila Awalt

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee selects recipients for the Distinguished Member, Certificate of Meritorious Service, and Newsletter Awards. In addition, this committee may make nominations for appropriate APPA awards.

Chairperson: Brian Lasey

Business Partner Liaison Committee

The Business Partner Liaison Committee provides program development feedback, recommendations, support, and other input to the Business Partner Liaison Committee Chair, the President, and the Vice Presidents to support quality Business Partner participation in the Technology Conference, the annual meetings, and all other appropriate association activity.

Chairperson: Sheila Awalt

By-Laws Committee

The By-Laws Committee regularly reviews, updates, modifies, and refines CAPPA’s by-laws on behalf of and through recommendation to the CAPPA Executive Committee with final approval by the CAPPA membership.

Chairperson: Sheila Awalt

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee recommends to the Executive Committee such financial policies and procedures as deemed appropriate, and shall oversee the management of all CAPPA funds.

Chairperson: Roy Ibarra

Information Services Committee

The Information Services Committee promotes the free flow of information and communication within the CAPPA community. In addition, this committee provides oversight for all publications and electronic communication functions distributed to the membership, excluding the Annual Report. This includes the CAPPA Newsletter, the CAPPA Website, and membership brochures as well as assist all officers and committees of the association, as requested, to develop and disseminate data and information relevant to the membership.

Chairperson: Ian T. Hadden

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee provides strategic guidance to retain and grow an actively engaged membership with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values to elevate the education facilities professionally and to transform learning institutions. The committee is responsible for reviewing eligibility criteria for membership and for making recommendations with regard to changes to membership categories and dues. The committee will also recommend to the Board strategies for growing CAPPA membership and retaining current members. They will also work with other CAPPA committees to ensure products and services are in alignment with the CAPPA Value Statement.

Chairperson: Seeking Nominee

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee nominates candidates for all elected offices of the association. In addition, this committee nominates candidates to fill vacancies on the Executive Committee.

Chairperson: Markus Hogue

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee provides program development feedback, recommendations, support, and other input to the Committee Chair, who is responsible for all education programs for the membership.  Assist, as requested, with the Technology Conference, and other professional development programs for the membership. In addition, this committee provides information on educational programs to assist the Board of Directors and committees of the association, as requested, including the Annual Meeting.

Co-Chairpersons: Ben Boslaugh & Rodolfo Zelaya

CAPPA Appointments to APPA Permanent and Standing Committee

Committees are comprised of association members whose work supports the specific mission and scope of that committee. Members become part of a committee through appointments.