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APPA Fellow Award

While most awards recognize past achievements, the APPA Fellow designation brings with it both recognition for specific accomplishments to date and expectations for continuing involvement in APPA’s leadership program through research and mentoring. The Fellow is APPA’s highest individual achievement award. Individuals must have been an active member of APPA for a minimum of ten years; graduated from APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management; completed APPA’s Leadership Academy; completed an approved research project under APPA’s Center for Facilities Research; and submit two references from colleagues in the educational facilities profession that speak about the individual’s successes and dedication to the educational facilities profession.

APPA Award for Excellence

The APPA Award for Excellence is designed to recognize and advance excellence in the field of educational facilities. Originally established in 1988, the Award for Excellence is APPA’s highest institutional honor and provides educational institutions the opportunity for national and international recognition for their outstanding achievements in facilities management. The award is designed to highlight the essential role of facilities operations in the overall institutional mission and vision. Award for Excellence nominations are evaluated using the same criteria applied through the Facilities Management Evaluation Program (FMEP) in the areas of leadership; strategic and operational planning; customer focus; information and analysis; development and management of human resources; process management; and, performance results. Selected institutions are visited by an evaluation team. The Award for Excellence designation is valid for a period of five years.

APPA Effective and Innovative Practices

APPA’s Effective & Innovative Practices Award recognizes programs and processes that enhance service delivery, lower costs, increase productivity, improve customer service, generate revenue, or otherwise benefit the educational institution. Entries can describe either a new program or significant restructuring of an existing program or process. Up to five ranked submissions will be eligible for a cash award sponsored by Sodexho USA. Winning entries will receive special recognition on both APPA’s website and in APPA’s Facilities Manager magazine.

APPA Meritorious Service Award

Each year, APPA members bestow the Meritorious Service Award upon the individual member or members who have made significant, life-long contributions to the profession of educational facilities management. APPA’s highest award for individual service, the Meritorious Service Award is given to no more than three individuals a year. Individuals must have been an active member of APPA for a minimum of ten years; attended and participated in meetings and other functions at the international level, and demonstrated continued and distinguished service to the association.

APPA Pacesetter Award

The Pacesetter Award is designed to encourage further participation in APPA among those who have already made significant contributions at the regional or chapter level. Up to seven Pacesetter Awards may be given each year.

APPA President’s Award

The President’s Award is given to individual APPA members who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in facilities management and who have made outstanding contributions to the association.

APPA Rex Dillow Award

The Rex Dillow Award is presented to the author of the best article published in Facilities Manager during the previous year.


Distinguished Member Award

The highest award of CAPPA is awarded for singularly outstanding service to CAPPA over a substantial time period and/or for exceptional contributions to the physical plant profession. The Distinguished Member Award will be for greater service and contributions, generally over a longer time period than considered for the Certificate of Meritorious Service.

Meritorious Member Award

The Certificate of Meritorious Service will be presented for special contributions to CAPPA or to the physical plant profession.
Eligibility is open to all categories of affiliation within CAPPA Institutional Representatives, Associates, Affiliates, Business Partners, Emeritus, Retired, and Honorary Members, and such additional categories as may be established in the future. By special authorization of the Executive Committee, certificates may be presented to any other person.

A maximum of three certificates may be presented each year except by special authorization of the Executive Committee.

There is no limitation on the number of times this award may be presented to any individual, including to recipients of the Distinguished Member Award, provided subsequent awards are based on new criteria which were not considered in previous presentations of the Certificate of Meritorious Service or the Distinguished Member Award.
Selections of recipients will be based on the following criteria, listed in relative order of priority.

  1. Service in the administration of CAPPA in either an elective or appointive office.
  2. Service to the membership and contributions to the profession through writings, service on faculties of educational events of CAPPA, APPA, state organizations, and other professional organizations.
  3. Service in the organization and administration of state or other chapter organizations.