Some Retirement Resources for CAPPA Members

If you are thinking of retirement, Congratulations! An important part of retirement is staying active, whether you are visiting with family and/or friends, volunteering, travelling, pursuing your favorite hobby or even starting a new career.

Many people fail to take advantage of the benefits offered to retirees. Here are few that may not be on your radar.

  • The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  (ASHRAE) has a Lifetime Membership. ASHRAE members who have completed 30 years of cumulative membership and have reached the age of 65 are automatically members of Life Members Club. No member of the Club is required to pay dues.
  • The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has an Emeritus Membership across National, State and Local chapters. To qualify one must be an AIA member for 15 successive years and 70 yeas of age or be 60 and fully retired.
  • Discounted Lifetime Pass to US National Parks
  • And many other “senior discounts” so don’t hesitate to ask!

Retirees are encouraged to take advantage of these and other retiree benefits available. Associations from the AIA to the United States Golf Association (USGA) provide discounts or free memberships to retirees. Because membership levels occasionally change, retirees should contact their association in advance of retirement.

CAPPA and APPA also recognize the service of our retirees. CAPPA has two membership levels:

  • Emeritus Members are CAPPA members in good standing who retire from member institutions or systems and who apply the CAPPA Board for Emeritus status
  • Retired Member status may be granted to an individual who has retired as a CAPPA member in good standing

APPA will automatically grant Emeritus status after approval by the region. APPA also has a Retiree Membership. More information is available here.

Retirement can be the most exciting time of your life and CAPPA and APPA hope to see your continued involvement. In addition to the various levels of membership, there can be opportunities to serve on peer review teams and on CAPPA and APPA Committees. For many years, the CAPPA Historian has been a recent retiree so let the CAPPA Board know if you have interest in a role when you retire.

CAPPA retirees on a golf cart.


A CAPPA retiree shows off a fish they caught.
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