Information Services Committee

CAPPA Information Services Committee

Charge: Promote the free flow of information and communication within the CAPPA community.  In addition, the committee provides oversight for all publications and electronic communication functions distributed to the membership, excluding the Annual Report.  This includes the CAPPA Newsletter, the CAPPA Website, and membership brochures as well as assist all officers and committees of the association, as requested, to develop and disseminate data and information relevant to the membership.

Requires:  2 reps from Members-at-Large, 1 rep from Membership Committee,
1 rep from Professional Development, 1 rep from Newsletter, 1 rep from Historian

Chair Ian Hadden AR
Membership Andrea Smith SD
Historian Lee McQueen NE
Newsletter Editor Jenny Cundiff OK
Professional Development Ben Boslaugh MO
Communications Coordinator Peter Palacios TX
Member-at-Large Nate Benes NE
Member-at-Large Jeannie Knott  TX

Charge/Expectations/Responsibilities for Committee Members

January 2012


The Information Services Committee’s key role is to facilitate communication and increase the visibility of the CAPPA organization. Our charge is to continually evaluate and improve the technology for CAPPA and its offerings. As part of the charge, the members need to think creatively and innovate in the adoption of technology in support of CAPPA


Committee Members

The Chair of the Committee is responsible for ensuring the Committee charge is executed. The Committee members include two representatives from CAPPA members-at-large, and one representative from each of the following committees: Membership Committee, Professional Development, Newsletter, and Historian.


It is the expectation that committee members will participate in establishing the direction for Information Services in use by CAPPA. Committee members will also assist in maintaining CAPPA websites, mailing lists and applications. Committee members should notify their institutions and colleagues of educational programming timetables and encourage participation.

Each committee member should strive to attend the CAPPA annual meeting and CAPPA technology conference. Each committee member should commit to professional development in the information services area.