CAPPA Appointments to APPA Permanent & Standing Committees

Committees are comprised of association members whose work supports the specific mission and scope of that committee. Members become part of a committee through appointments

MentoringShelton Riley(2015-2016) 
Information and ResearchRoy Ruiz(2017-2019) 
Professional AffairsRon Tarbutton(2016-2017) 
Awards and RecognitionHelen Bailey(2016-2017) 
MembershipRandy Culver(2016-2017) 
NominatingGlen Haubold  CAPPA Senior Rep
By-LawsEd Heptig  CAPPA Junior Rep

In no case may the CAPPA representative serve more than 3 consecutive years on the same APPA committee.
• Attend APPA Committee meetings in December and at the Annual APPA Meeting.
• Provide a report at the CAPPA Executive Committee meetings.