Budget Process


September 2011

1.       The Treasurer will develop a budget form for a collection of budget input from committee chairs.  For strategic planning initiatives to be included in a committee’s budget request, the form will include the goal and objective number and a description of the task for each strategic planning item for which funding is requested.
2.       The Treasurer will provide each committee chair and others with budget input responsibility with a budget form at the annual meeting each year.  Committee chairs will then discuss the budget process and the committee’s needs for the following fiscal year during committee meetings.  (Note:  CAPPA’s new fiscal year begins on April 1.)
3.       Completed budget forms by each committee shall be due to the Treasurer and to the President for the following fiscal year on December 31.  Committee chairs will submit a completed budget form for the following fiscal year along with a narrative paragraph outlining any major initiatives or funding changes anticipated for the second fiscal year out.
4.       The Treasurer will collect all budget forms and present them to the President for review a pro forma budget for CAPPA for the following fiscal year by the third week of January.
5.       The President will review the overall CAPPA budget and discuss any changes with the Treasurer.  The Treasurer will then provide a draft of the pro forma budget to the Executive Committee by February 1.
6.       The Executive Committee shall approve the following fiscal year’s budget at its mid-year meeting (Technology Conference).
7.       The Treasurer will present to the Executive Committee at its annual meeting (fall) an analysis of the current fiscal year’s budget versus actual performance along with a general forecast for the following fiscal year (considering the narrative paragraphs submitted in item 3 above).